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OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.09 http://www.openwrt.org


 Example call: java -jar SeisGram2K51.jar -seedlink -seedlink.groupchannels YES -display.allign LAST_DATA



Ports in use:

  • 2004[in tcp]: getting topology via dot_draw
  • 2005[in tcp]: ?own topology plugin? (maybe)
  • 2006[in tcp]: getting netcoords service info
  • 2007[in tcp]: olsrd txtinfo plugin
  • 19222[out udp]: ew_plugin for testing, sends out averaged sensor data regularly to a host
  • 19223[out/in udp]: UDP Broadcasting of clocksync plugin for clocksync state
  • 19224[out/in udp]: Multicast port for netcoords service
  • 210xx[in tcp]: SSH DNAT at gateways to network nodes for Istanbul network
  • 220xx[in tcp]: Seedlink DNAT at gateways to network nodes for Istanbul network

Seedlink commands when testing seedlink server with telnet: HELLO, INFO STATIONS, INFO ID, INFO STREAMS, INFO GAPS, INFO CONNECTIONS, INFO ALL