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  • DHCP:
  1. global options (apply to all hosts)
  2. DNS
    1. option domain-name "";
    2. option domain-name-servers ,;
  3. NIS
    1. option nis-domain "sar";
    2. option nis-servers;
  4. time server
    1. option ntp-servers;
  • In case of an non-fixed IP-address, the dhcpd-daemon dynamically registers the host-name, as proposed by the dhcp-client, with the DNS for
  • If no name is proposed the default name for a dynamicly assignd IP address 192.168.X.Y is set to dhcp-X-Y.
  • For WGTs with MAC-addresses 00:0f:b5:X:Y:Z the name wgt-Y-Z will be assinged . (Note: this is only valid if no static IP is assigned and if no conflicting static dns-entry exists; leading 0 in the MAC-addresses are droped. Example: 00:0f:b5:3c:0a:17 -> wgt-a-17)

--WM 12:54, 13 December 2006 (CET)

  • NTP
    • dc
  • DNS
    • dc
  • gitolite: git@gitsar:repositoryname. Current gitolite admins are Robert and Wolf. In order to use the repositories you have to create a SSH keypair and send the public key to the gitolite admins. You also need the following entries in your .ssh/config:

   Host gitsar
       User git
       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/pubkey
       ProxyCommand ssh -q gruenau netcat sar 2222

HWL-Testbed Services

The toolchains for compiling software for the different hardware platforms can be found at in the folder /testbedhome/testbed/software/openwrt. Ask Robert for credentials.

The nodes themselves can be accessed from or via SSH. The nodes can mount a NFS share provided by these computers in order easily exchange data. Use the script /testbedhome/testbed/helper/host/bin/ to mount the share. Example:

/testbedhome/testbed/helper/host/bin$ NODELIST="wgt74" ./ mount