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How to get Rev information into a TeX-source using svn

  1. We have to create the directory and fill it with the desired directory.
    mkdir foo 

cp paper.tex references.bib IEEEconf.cls foo/

cd foo
  1. The TeX-source should initially contain the string $ $Rev$ $, e.g.
\title{Anonymous Reputation Management for File Sharing\\$ $Rev$ $}
  1. We import that project files to the repository.
    svn import svn://brn-svn/papers/securecomm2007
  2. We have to set the properties of disired TeX-source for updating Rev by
svn propset svn:keywords "LastChangedRevision Id" paper.tex svn commit
  1. After doing that the Rev is automatically updated in the TeX-source. The svn is ready for use.

svn update svn checkout svn commit

--WM 10:16, 16 February 2007 (CET)